Etsy Shop Update

We were super excited to open our Etsyshop last month! It was a slow start but I’m finally getting the hang of listing items and over the next week we’ll have about 10 more fun things added to the shop… We’d love for you to check it out!

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go toward two foundations close to our heart. St. Jude Cancer Center, where my mom was treated and The Time Tebow Foundation supporting children around the world. Each listing tells where the proceeds for that particular item will go! Thank you for your support my sweet friends!

Etsy Shop

We are super excited to be opening an Etsy shop! I love doing crafts and DIY projects but never thought I’d try to open a shop up. This is an adventure we’ve been praying and talking over for quite some time. Last year I left my job at Nordstrom (more on that later) and have since then tried to find an outlet of things to do during the week. At first I was excited to be able to spend some much needed “me time” but quickly found myself staring at the clock, waiting for Ryan to get home. I am a doer by nature so it’s very hard for me to not work. I do go into an office on Tuesdays near our old home to help out so at least one day a week I’m able to get out of the house.
After a few weeks of no work, I started feeling like my purpose was missing. I didn’t have much a reason to get up in the morning. I didn’t feel needed like I often did in my old job so I knew (and Ryan definitely knew) that our intentions for me not working were good but I have to do something. So I decided to start making some blankets. I thought I would just do it for us to someday use but found that I really enjoy crocheting and could easily make a few and list them to sell. I’ve also had a blast making serving trays and painted mason jar sets so those will also be available. I hope to soon add aprons and eventually, quilts to the shop but for now I’m super excited for this new adventure.

We’re hoping to officially open on Monday!

Here’s a sneak peak…