Ryan and I started a new little “tradition” in our family. On Sundays we decided from now on, to leave all technology off and out of the way. Our very 2016 iPhone’s will be temporarily converted to the basics of a flip phone. Phone calls only. Since it seems people don’t really call anymore, you can imagine this means our phones are pretty quiet all day.
Ryan took it seriously enough that he actually turned his phone off and left it in our bedroom all day. We did a morning Bible Study together while the girls napped and it took us twice as long because there was literally nothing distracting us and we did more than we ever have in one sitting. (Even bathroom breaks took less time for some of us, HAHA)

Can I admit something pretty embarrassing you to? The first Sunday was hard! By noon I was pretty mortified at how much time I normally spend on the phone. I guess we don’t really know how much “checking” we do be it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. BUT Ryan and I talked ALL DAY! I told him stories I probably wouldn’t have thought important if he would have been “busy” on a devise. Our kids got our FULL attention all day long. By dinner time (which was a date night anyways) we were having major, in depth conversations and noticing all the couples on their phones around us!
I’d say about half way through the day I noticed my desire to “check in on social media” was becoming less and less. That feeling of missing something was less. Why did I feel like I was missing something on social media when all these weeks, months, etc. before I was actually missing out on the ones that mean the most to me?
We are so in tune to others little square images of life that we forget life is happening right in front of us.
This is where we are truly missing out.
The days might be long but the years are short and we don’t get the same day back again.
Needless to say, I’m truly looking forward to our weekends together now. Not that I wasn’t before, but when we are all truly present we make more memories even in the smallest of moments. We reconnect in areas we didn’t even realize we needed to. 

At Home Date Night

I have been looking forward to Friday all week. My hubby is home for the next two days and we have a couple big projects around the house to do (including taking down our Christmas décor… eesh!). 

We were planning to go out with friends for dinner and a show tonight but Ryan had to work late and we were forced to cancel at the last minute. This being said I had a couple extra hours to prepare dinner and I thought I’d go for something a little out of the norm for us. Chicken or ground turkey are out typical meats of choice and we are always saying we need to try to make something different… which brings us to tonight! I made pork chops with a peach, rosemary, and sage honey glaze. I originally found a similar recipe on Michaela Noelle. I made a couple tweaks to the recipe and it is definitely going to be a repeat in our house. One big thing we enjoyed was the addition of our Sage Honey from Happy Girls Kitchen Co. in Northern California. We order this honey online and always have it stocked. Its an amazing addition to hot water with lemon or hot tea or of course a dish like this!

Olive oil to coat pan
pork chops (I used 10oz chops each)
¼ C white wine
2 TBS honey
2-3 peaches diced
2 sprigs rosemary
2 TBS unsalted butter
salt and pepper to taste

1.    In a sauté pan large enough to hold both pork chops with plenty of room, add olive oil and warm. Season pork chops with salt and pepper. Add to pan and cook covered on medium for 5 minutes

2.    Flip chops, re cover and cook about 10 minutes longer (internal temp should be about 145 you just don’t want them too tough so use your judgment)
3.    Remove from pan and cover with foil. Set aside
4.    Pour white wine in pan and scrape bottom of pan
5.    Stir in honey

6.    Boil mixture about 2 minutes
7.    Add peaches and rosemary to pan and simmer until peaches soft

8.    Turn off heat and add butter (I added slightly less than 2 TBS because it looked the way I wanted it to but again, its your preference)
9.    Serve with veggies (and potatoes for my husband) and enjoy!