Chosen. Y’all that word has never sounded so amazing! We have been chosen by the most beautiful girl to love and care for her baby as our own for all of the rest of our days – the importance of that decision and magnitude of this gift is not lost on us. God has been so intentional with every last detail and although He’s shown His love time and time again, I’m still blown away by the way He loves us so well.
Over the past 2 years that we’ve spent in TN we’ve found our people, made our home, and established jobs we love. We’ve been welcomed by a community, gone on new adventures, and made lasting friendships. In all this time our arms haven’t stopped aching to hold the weight of a baby but we’ve been filled with peace to be happy with the day we’re in. Right in the middle of Gods perfect plan a baby has been growing and what an honor that the amazing woman carrying that baby has chosen us to be the parents. She is brave, she is loving, she is selfless, & she is strong.
There a story of broken and a story of healing wrapped around this adoption but for now we’ll just say “Praise the Lord” for His beautiful timing and pray for the heart of the woman letting me be a mama again, forever. 🌿

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