One of the things I love about Instagram in particular is the way you can see things change in the home, life, family, etc. without all the words or ads in the way. I was browsing my feed yesterday for a picture for #moveitupmonday and what did I find? A whole bunch of pictures of progress. All too often I get overwhelmed with the “needs to be dones” and loose sight of the progress that has been done. This kind of made me sad, thinking we get so far ahead of ourselves that we forget to just enjoy the moment. I’m a frequent offender in this category. Especially as a stay at home mama, I have days where I feel surrounded by my projects or honey do list for the house. Just two short years ago we were moving in to a white walled house. We left our home behind and it was a very difficult transition for me. Yesterday, browsing my own feed, I saw all the hours of hard work and planning Ryan and I have done, making this house our home.
Here’s our dining room before & after: 
(stay tuned this week for a few more from around the house!)

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