Blogging Update! It’s Been Forever!

Okay, so it’s been a while. At the start of this year, I really planned to figure out how much of our “baby life” we’d share on here. I originally started this blog in hopes to keep our family and friends updated on our lives since we moved a little ways away and had made some big changes. Last year, we became parents to a precious newborn and our world turned upside down for this sweet girl. My effort in updating fell to the wayside as we adjusted to life as a family of three and exactly one month later, a family of four when our Baby J joined the family.
Anyways, at the start of the year I had great plans to jump back in, then the hardest month of our little family’s life came in January. Both our babies were “moved” and we didn’t know what our next move would be for our family. By the end of January we were broken and left wondering, seeking, and praying for God’s sweet will to be visible. We spent most of February working on ourselves and taking a fun vacation, something we don’t do enough of. We “unplugged.”
Well now it’s March and in true March fashion, has been an EXTREMELY busy month! On Ryan’s side it’s every women’s birthday this month plus 4 birthdays on my side! Ohh and our family bumped back up to 4 with in three days at the beginning of the month! WOW!
All this to say… This blog has been a jumbled mess of home décor, projects, cooking, and family, and I plan to continue this jumble, just more regularly now. I sure do miss and love this sweet blogging community!

For those of you sweet friends that have been lifting our family up in your prayers, we sincerely thank you. You have blessed our little tribe more than we could tell you.  Now, have a cup of coffee with me, and stay awhile. 


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