Home for the Holidays

I can’t believe this year is nearly over! The holidays sure snuck up on us this year. We had a few projects on the “Must Be Done By Christmas” list but our sweet babies had other plans and I think the list has hardly been touched.
A couple things that are getting done are:
1.    The house is being painted next week! If only I can choose a color!
2.    We are putting in new baseboards to at least the bottom story
3.    The fireplace is being redone or refaced!
4.    Wainscoting is going up in the dining room
5.    The drapes are FINALLY going up on the bottom story after it’s painted! I officially have my hands on them!
6.    The hutch is being repainted
I am soo excited to get a few of these things checked off the list now that we’ve somewhat found our groove and routine with the kids. I’m so thankful for this sweet holiday time with them but I sure am excited to make our house more of our home!

This also includes getting our pictures printed for the new “baby wall” we have going on in a hallway upstairs. Our Christmas pictures turned out amazing of the kids and I can’t wait to get that wall started! I’ve come to learn in the last few years of owning a home that the projects are NEVERending! But that’s part of the fun to!

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