Our Wedding Day

Like most other people (hopefully) our wedding was one of the best days of our lives. I love planning so for me, coming up with the details of our special day was amazing. We got engaged November 20, 2013 and immediately set our wedding date at our favorite winery, Leoness Cellars. The scenery at Leoness is so incredible and more importantly, it captures both Ryan and my style which is sometimes hard to do. We are both so different. In my perfect world he would have been in cowboy boots and we’d be saying “I do” in a little white chapel somewhere in a small country town, hay bales and all. But if I was saying “I do” to Ryan, (which I was and I was pretty happy about) this wouldn’t capture him at all and he’d be super uncomfortable. So out with the boots and in with the vans, haha! Although our wedding was very different from that scenario, it was one of the best nights we’ve ever had!
About half way through our planning I hired a wedding planner. This was the best decision I made because they did everything the way I would have done it, except I didn’t do it… they did and I was just along for the ride! The Yes Girls were so organized and made sure the day ran without a hitch or at least took care of any problems before they reached me (with the help of my beautiful maid of honor). It was hard for me to hand over the reigns but I’m so glad I did, as I was able to enjoy our day. People weren’t kidding when they said the day goes by way to fast! I wanted to hit life’s pause button for a couple more hours but looking back at all our fun pictures lets me relive that special day!

Ryan and I did all the projects for the wedding… it was very DIY with help from a couple close friends, my parents (thank you papa for your patience!), Ryan’s best man and his amazing girlfriend, and my maid of honor… all the way from Colorado! Ryan even built an amazing bench that everyone signed at the wedding. We are coating it with a sealant and putting it on our front porch at home.

One big thing we wanted to achieve with our wedding was thanking each person there for joining us on this journey for the last nearly 5 years by hosting a fun night full of little details honoring the moments making up our relationship. From the moment we met, each person in the room has been there in one way or another and this was our moment to reach out and thank them for standing by us and encouraging us. We’ve been though a lot in our relationship, especially though the journey of loosing my mama, and everyone at our wedding has faced life with us. We hope everyone had a blast that day from start to finish because it was as much about you as it was about us!


So, come walk through our wedding day with us in the pictures below! Thank you to our friends and family that celebrated this sweet time of our lives with us!

Thank you Kate Spade for comfy flats!

Thank goodness for my step mom and maid of honors patience… So many buttons!

Oops! Forgot to paint my nails… We did it right after this picture was taken.

Michelle, you’re amazing! 

The Menu

10 fun facts about Ryan and I

Our wiener dog cake topper

Everyone signed a leaf of our tree and added a note to our bench

My beautiful Maid of Honor!

Ryan’s best man walking my step mom and flowers honoring my sweet angel mama to their seats

About 5 people came up to me after the ceremony to say Ryan had tears in his eyes when we came around the corner… I love this man!

Papa and his girl

My parents-in-law, brother and sister-in-law with Ryan and I

The original Huylers

Ryan and his dad

Ryan and his brother Steven

With my parents… Just missing my mama

Mother-in-law with her daughters-in-law

Our Best Man and Maid of Honor, Cody and Jamie

Cory and Ashley

Brother and sister-in-law, Steven and Lauren

Alex and Melissa

WooHoo time for a glass of wine!

Our yummy cake!

Can’t forget the wienies!

Father/daughter dance… The only time I cried. He was telling me how proud my mom would be… Woosh thank goodness for waterproof makeup!

Mother/son dance

For those that haven’t heard the story… My wedding band was made by Jeweler’s Touch and was my moms gold bracelet melted down and dipped to match my white gold engagement ring. They did such an amazing job getting it to look exactly how I wanted and finding a way for me to incorporate this special piece of jewelry in a usable way. I think my mom would have loved it!

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