Thankful Heart

Happy Thursday! This week has been and still is such a busy week and not in a fun way so I thought I’d write this post on some things I’m most thankful for!

Firstly, I am thankful for a Savior that loves me and shows His never-ending grace to this sinner. He wraps His arms around me and guides me. He is compassionate and strong and He is my best friend. He has walked with me everyday of my life and whom else can you say has done this? Who else has loved you unconditionally 100% of the time? By the grace of God I am saved and serving Him is my hearts greatest desire.

I am thankful for this man of mine puts up with my craziness with a smile on his face and I couldn’t love him more. He balances my soul and loves me without condition everyday. He displays Christ’s love to me. He allows me to run his home and serve him and this does my heart well.

I’m also thankful for these 3 wiener dogs. They drive me absolutely insane and I’m pretty sure are part baby but I adore them and their unconditional pup love. We’ve been doing better walking them at night so they are pooped out and poop less in places they aren’t supposed to… well the puppy does. The other two always go outside.

I am thankful for this house we call home. We have so many projects we want to do here but we have a beautiful home to grow our marriage and family in.

I am thankful for my sweet friends that are there to celebrate the happy times and support me in the tough times. Friends that call just to listen, laugh with me, and never judge our decisions. They are always there to support our hearts.

Lastly, (on this list) I am grateful I am this angel’s daughter. I miss her more each day and the ache in my heart grows bigger at each step in the road because I don’t get to share these things with her but I know she’s rejoicing with her Savior until I see her again. I’m thankful she instilled an intense faith in Christ into my soul. I’m thankful she prayed for my heart everyday of my life. I’m thankful she loved me until the last second of her life and mostly, I’m thankful she isn’t suffering anymore.

What things are you thankful for today?

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