Pottery Barn Finds

In an attempt to finally remove all our Christmas decorations from the house, I set off to Pottery Barn for some new pillows. Since this is the first year in our home, and we hosted Christmas, I have been doing some major rearranging.
As soon as we knew we were hosting Ryan’s family for Christmas I started decorating and with this came “relocating” a lot of our living room décor to other parts of the house as “fillers” or just to make room for Christmas decorations. Prior to this I felt like our living room was the only real completed room of the house. So this was the weekend after Thanksgiving. Honestly, we just took down our Christmas decorations this week because we have company over for the weekend. Yeah, bad, I know!
Christmas is such a fun time of year… It’s hard to put it all away

I don’t know if we were just so used to the tree and all the fun décor, or what happened, but my living room looks crazy bare! I looked back on some old pictures to see what I had in the living room prior to Christmas and noticed that everything missing was comfortably in a new space of our house. I didn’t really want to go spend a ton of money to replace these items so I stopped by Pottery Barn and picked up a couple cute, comfy pillows and some new candles and holders, and today am heading to Pier One and Hobby Lobby to hopefully get the last few things. I have a couple DIY projects I want to do to fill these spaces so I’m excited to see how that goes. For now here are some pics of our new pillows… Plus a few others elements of our living room!

There is definitely room (and a need) for a cute chair in the left corner

Can’t pass up a cute doxie pillow!

These striped pillows from Pottery Barn are probably the most comfortable material ever! I’m thinking our bed needs one to!

I know… We still have this little deer pair out. But its winter-ish, right?!

I love wooden signs!

Yes our wedding cake topper was wiener dogs… Obsessed?!

New candles from Pottery Barn

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