Glamis Weekend

Happy Monday! I have always had Mondays off so for me the workweek hasn’t started yet and today is my day to get all the rest of my errands done. Last Friday, Ryan and I drove with the three wiener babes to Glamis for the weekend. A bunch of my family from a few different states met us out there and we had a blast catching up and spending time together. We bought a trailer last October and Ryan will jump at any chance to use it!
The day my husband and I picked up our trailer. My Jenna looks pretty towing. (Yes I name my cars!)
Unfortunately, it was super windy all weekend so that was a bummer but other than that we were happy no one got hurt and nothing terrible went wrong… We had a great time riding and spending time together!

The wieners hate the car. The first hour of the drive was full of tears… Some from them, others from me. But we made it through our 4 hour drive.

Barely… by the look on Heidi’s face!

The wind made the sand so soft we ended up getting stuck once… How many men does it take to move this heavy sand car? Well about 9!

The wind made for such a clear and beautiful sky!

This week I am excited to start filling up my Miss Menu as I’m committing to cooking everyday (except tonight as we have a doctors appointment about an hour from our house)… three times a day! I’m so excited to make a couple new dishes for Ryan and I. Of course I’ll also be adding a couple of our oldies but goodies into the mix! 

This morning was an egg scramble and green juice as we scrambled out the door… Ryan for work and I am off to start my day. On the menu for lunch is a garden salad with extra cucumbers and tonight will be our one and only eating out meal (hopefully!) at Zovs. If you are ever in the Irvine, CA area I highly recommend this restaurant! I’m sure I’ll be posting a picture of our little date night later.

Tomorrow, however, I will be attempting a brand new recipe! Excited to see how it goes. Cooking is definitely something I love to do and I know it is something my husband appreciates me doing. I jump at the opportunity to serve my man and this is definitely a way that benefits us both!

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