Soap & Glory Cleanser

I rarely use the same face wash twice. I have found a couple washes great for taking off makeup (I really like ClarinsPureMelt cleanser) but nothing I like to use both morning and night. I recently bought Soap&Glory’s Peaches and Clean cleanser and I actually really like it! I’m not familiar with this brand at all and am kind of embarrassed to say the only real reason I was drawn in is the note to peaches, but so far I’m impressed!
The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was the smell. Right when I pumped it out it smelled very clean and “awakening” if that is a description? I loved it! I tried it first in the morning before work (3am) and was impressed at how it seemed to wake my senses. Not so much of a peach smell but I really like it anyways.
 I also noticed how soft my skin felt afterward. I’m usually a little nervous to use products for “all skin types” because of my dryness but I’m impressed at how my skin feels after I wash. 

This is definitely a keeper in my book and I’m anxious to try a few of their other products!

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