A New Kind of Salad

Lunchtime is always tough for me because of my work schedule. Thankfully, or hopefully, this will all be changing as I’m leaving my job in a couple weeks, but for now it sticks. Since I start work at 4am, breakfast usually consists of a protein shake or a scoop of homemade granola and my ever-present coffee. I don’t eat at work as I try to work straight through my shift and leave. When I get home I feel lost between craving a proper breakfast and making plans for dinner. Lunch is lost. This being said, I am trying really hard to change this habit!
I have always love salads but I tend to get bored of them after a while. When I think of salad I think lettuce with some goodies on top and dressing… which is soo wrong! I now choose to think of salads as anything that I’m tossing together in a bowl to munch on.. Sort of.

1 cup cooked quinoa
½ sliced cucumber
1 bell pepper (I prefer orange or yellow)
2 tbs cooked corn
2 tbs black beans
Ponzu sauce to taste

When I cook my quinoa I use chicken broth or veggie broth as a substitute for water. In my opinion it gives a little more flavor and I prefer the texture better. It is such an easy food to cook and I typically make a big batch once or twice a week depending on that week’s menu. It keeps really well in the refrigerator, although in my house we eat it within a couple days. It’s definitely a family favorite and this little wifey isn’t complaining because it’s healthy to!
If you’ve never had Ponzu sauce I highly recommend you try it! It has great flavor and adds great flavor to any dish! If you don’t have it at home, I also like a splash of teriyaki or soy sauce plus the juice of half a lemon or add some garlic to rice vinegar and use that combo. Just be cautious with soy sauces because they aren’t quite as light and forgiving as the Ponzu.

I will add a couple other family favorites using quinoa this week. I have a ton to use up as my goal is to make dinner everyday throughout the weekend. No going out for us this week!

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