What We Eat

Since receiving my Miss Menu in the mail a couple weeks ago I’ve been so excited to use it! The first week I had it we were on vacation so this week was my real first week of use and so far I couldn’t love it more.
One big thing I noticed is I saved a bunch of money at the grocery store since I knew exactly what items I needed. I was able to buy for the entire week since I planned our meat meals according to the day I went to the store. I also saved a ton of time at the store since all my items were in categories based on how the store is run. So efficient I don’t know why I ever lived without this! Score 1 for organization!
Anyways, I thought I’d combine two days worth of dinners in this post. Tuesday night I made Cajun chicken and Andouille sausage gumbo and Thursday night I made jerk chicken. Both turned out delicious and both were first time recipes in our house! I was so happy they came out good because nothing is worse than spending a couple hours (and more than a couple dishes) on dinner and it going bad. Like I mentioned in an earlier post I am planning to cook every night for the next two weeks. Most of the recipes are new to us with a couple “oldies but goodies” thrown into the mix.
I don’t normally follow a recipe exactly. I like to look at them and get an idea for ingredients then cook by taste. Like my mama did! So these recipes are about as exact as I could get them but I encourage you to add a pinch more or less as you feel fit!
As a side note: Ryan said the jerk chicken is the best meal I’ve ever made… WooHoo!
Cajun Chicken Gumbo
4 cloves of garlic
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 andouille sausage
1 green bell pepper
1-2 stalks of celery
¼ lb okra
1 yellow onion
2 tbs butter (I use unsalted)
2 tbs all purpose flower
1 28oz can crushed tomatoes
1 tbs Cajun seasoning
½ -1 cup long grain rice (I use brown)
Olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

1.    Cook rice according to package, or I add 1 tsp unsalted butter to 2 cups boiling water, add rice, and simmer, covered, for about 45 min or until all water is absorbed.
2.    While rice is cooking, prepare other ingredients. Wash produce and remove chicken and sausage from fridge. Peel and mince the garlic. Remove the stems, ribs, and seeds from bell pepper and dice along with the celery. Peel and dice the onion. Cut off stems from okra and cut into small rounds.
3.    Make a roux. In a medium pot (I used a 5 ½ quart dutch oven), melt the butter on medium head. Add the flower and stir constantly for about 3 minutes or until deep golden brown.

4.    To the roux, add a drizzle of olive oil, bell pepper, onion, celery, and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Stir frequently until vegetables have softened, about 3 minutes.

5.    Increase the heat to med-high and add the chicken breast, sausage, crushed tomato, cajun seasoning, okra, and about 2 cups of water (I add just under the 2 cup line worth of water). Season with a little salt. Bring mixture to a boil; reduce heat to med-low and simmer, stirring occasionally until chicken and sausage are completely cooked (I cover because I feel the meat is more moist but it will cook slightly faster this way).  Remove from heat.

6.    Remove the cooked chicken and sausage from the pot. Slice the sausage and shred the chicken.

7.    Return chicken and sausage to the pot of gumbo and stir to combine. Add cooked rice. Divide gumbo between two bowls and enjoy!

Jerk Chicken
¾ cup of rice (I used same long grain brown rice from above)
1 can pinto beans
2 scallions
1 bunch cilantro
2 cloves garlic
1 large carrot or 2-3 medium carrots
1 green bell pepper
1 red onion
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1-1 ½ tbs jerk seasoning
2 tbs tomato paste
3 tbs chicken demi-glace
1 lime
salt and pepper to taste

* William Sonoma has demi-glace but it is really pricey! I found “Better Than Bouillion” from Sprouts and thought it worked perfectly! Plus it’s a tenth of the price! Or you can made demi-glace from scratch but its a pain in the behind. 

1.    Cook the rice. In a small pot bring 2 cups water to a boil and add 1 tbs unsalted butter. Once boiling, add rice and reduce to a simmer. Cover and cook about 45 min or until all water is absorbed.

2.    Prepare ingredients while rice cooks. Wash and dry produce. Drain and rinse pinto beans. Slice scallions at an angle. Peel and roughly chop garlic. Roughly chop cilantro leaves. Slice carrots into rounds (I didn’t peel the carrots, just washed but if you prefer, peel the carrots at this time). Dice the onion. Remove seeds and ribs and dice bell pepper.
3.    Season chicken with jerk seasoning and salt (I do this once my chicken is already in the pan by doing one side at a time. It doesn’t really make a difference I just feel its cleaner).

4.    In a large pan, heat olive oil and add the chicken (if you haven’t already seasoned do it now).

5.    Cook chicken about 3 minutes per side.

6.    Add onion, garlic, bell pepper, and carrots to the pan. Season with a pinch of salt. Cook until veggies are softened.

7.    Add tomato paste, demi-glace (or sub), pinto beans, and 1 cup water. Stir to combine, scraping the bottom of the pan. Reduce heat to med-low. Cover with a lid until chicken in cooked through.

8.    Divide rice between two bowls. Top each with a piece of chicken, half the sauce mixture, cilantro, and scallions. Serve with a lime wedge.

Pottery Barn Finds

In an attempt to finally remove all our Christmas decorations from the house, I set off to Pottery Barn for some new pillows. Since this is the first year in our home, and we hosted Christmas, I have been doing some major rearranging.
As soon as we knew we were hosting Ryan’s family for Christmas I started decorating and with this came “relocating” a lot of our living room décor to other parts of the house as “fillers” or just to make room for Christmas decorations. Prior to this I felt like our living room was the only real completed room of the house. So this was the weekend after Thanksgiving. Honestly, we just took down our Christmas decorations this week because we have company over for the weekend. Yeah, bad, I know!
Christmas is such a fun time of year… It’s hard to put it all away

I don’t know if we were just so used to the tree and all the fun décor, or what happened, but my living room looks crazy bare! I looked back on some old pictures to see what I had in the living room prior to Christmas and noticed that everything missing was comfortably in a new space of our house. I didn’t really want to go spend a ton of money to replace these items so I stopped by Pottery Barn and picked up a couple cute, comfy pillows and some new candles and holders, and today am heading to Pier One and Hobby Lobby to hopefully get the last few things. I have a couple DIY projects I want to do to fill these spaces so I’m excited to see how that goes. For now here are some pics of our new pillows… Plus a few others elements of our living room!

There is definitely room (and a need) for a cute chair in the left corner

Can’t pass up a cute doxie pillow!

These striped pillows from Pottery Barn are probably the most comfortable material ever! I’m thinking our bed needs one to!

I know… We still have this little deer pair out. But its winter-ish, right?!

I love wooden signs!

Yes our wedding cake topper was wiener dogs… Obsessed?!

New candles from Pottery Barn

Happy Birthday Mama… Heaven is Celebrating!

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet Mama-Bear! I can see your smiley face lighting up the streets of Heaven. I can’t believe this is your second birthday celebrating with Jesus. Last year seemed like a blur… Still filled with adrenaline or something and this year my heart aches to celebrate you in person, to hug you, and to go get our nails done.
Some of your sweet friends at your last birthday party here in 2013.
I love this picture of us.
I think when people say the first year is the worst, they haven’t lived through the second year; for me, it has been worse. Maybe because we’ve had so many changes, beautiful moments like our wedding, and extremely tough and emotional challenges that I’d love to talk to you about. Or maybe it’s just because I’m reminded everyday that life has to go on. I have a husband that needs me, dogs that require my attention, a home to attend to, and a load of other things that need to be done. (Plus my eye doctor that I’ve had a crush on for the last 5 years said if I can’t cry anymore because I’m ruining my contacts too early in the month and it’s hurting my eyes… jeeze.)
Our last mother-daughter party in 2012.

You always had a smile that could light up a room.

My favorite picture of you!

I wish we could grab lunch again, I could call you 72 times a day again, and we could pray though some big moments together but for now I have to settle with the fact that you left me with a strong faith, big smile, and happy heart. Besides, as that country song goes… It would only leave me wishing for one more day with you.
I was always nervous for when the day came that I would move out and you’d be living alone, but I guess I should have spent that time worrying for myself of how I’d make it though all these moments with out my best friend to talk to, pray with, and be loved by.

Today, I am choosing to spend my day getting my nails done (as you would have), brining you flowers, and spending time with a sweet friend and her new baby. You’d love her baby… I even bought her a wiener dog shirt from Nordy’s. I know you’d tell me to be happy… and I am.

You were so sick, yet so happy. Your joy never faded. Ever.
Sometimes I look at our little puppy and think you sent her down to me because she has my attitude and you always told me I’d get a kid like myself one day. Stubborn, sometimes a dork, loving, cuddly, and not a morning person… she hits all those notes! Ryan says she’s definitely my baby and she’s so clingy to me just like I always was to you.
We brought Molly to meet you when your stone arrived. It turned out beautiful and I think you would have loved it!

I know you are where you couldn’t wait to be! Walking on the streets of gold and meeting with your Savior face to face. I can still hear your laugh and see your smile. Our home is touched with so many elements of you and that is such a comfort to me. I hope to be a mama like you. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why God took you home when He did but I don’t think I was made to understand and I’ve spent the last (almost) 2 years trying to accept that fact. It hasn’t been easy but I’m learning that I just don’t have much a choice. You aren’t in pain anymore and wishing you to be here is just selfish. I can’t wait to see you again and know I’ll just have to look for the most tropical looking home in Heaven to find you when I get there.

I can’t imagine those people that feel loss like this and don’t have the faith to know they’ll see their loved one again. It’s unfathomable. Thank you for showing me that faith. Thank you for loving me even through the moments I didn’t deserve your love. Thank you for being my mama, moo cow, mama bear, and best friend for all those years. It wasn’t enough time in my book but the time we had was full and my heart clings to those moments and memories.
I love you Moo!

Love your Bunchie.

Always on my mind. Forever in my heart.
I love you, I need you, I adore you, and I want you.

Glamis Weekend

Happy Monday! I have always had Mondays off so for me the workweek hasn’t started yet and today is my day to get all the rest of my errands done. Last Friday, Ryan and I drove with the three wiener babes to Glamis for the weekend. A bunch of my family from a few different states met us out there and we had a blast catching up and spending time together. We bought a trailer last October and Ryan will jump at any chance to use it!
The day my husband and I picked up our trailer. My Jenna looks pretty towing. (Yes I name my cars!)
Unfortunately, it was super windy all weekend so that was a bummer but other than that we were happy no one got hurt and nothing terrible went wrong… We had a great time riding and spending time together!

The wieners hate the car. The first hour of the drive was full of tears… Some from them, others from me. But we made it through our 4 hour drive.

Barely… by the look on Heidi’s face!

The wind made the sand so soft we ended up getting stuck once… How many men does it take to move this heavy sand car? Well about 9!

The wind made for such a clear and beautiful sky!

This week I am excited to start filling up my Miss Menu as I’m committing to cooking everyday (except tonight as we have a doctors appointment about an hour from our house)… three times a day! I’m so excited to make a couple new dishes for Ryan and I. Of course I’ll also be adding a couple of our oldies but goodies into the mix! 

This morning was an egg scramble and green juice as we scrambled out the door… Ryan for work and I am off to start my day. On the menu for lunch is a garden salad with extra cucumbers and tonight will be our one and only eating out meal (hopefully!) at Zovs. If you are ever in the Irvine, CA area I highly recommend this restaurant! I’m sure I’ll be posting a picture of our little date night later.

Tomorrow, however, I will be attempting a brand new recipe! Excited to see how it goes. Cooking is definitely something I love to do and I know it is something my husband appreciates me doing. I jump at the opportunity to serve my man and this is definitely a way that benefits us both!

The New House

Making this house our home has had its ups and its downs. Ryan and I moved about an hour away from where we grew up last June of 2014. We spent 5 months designing our home and watching the building process before we moved and those last few weeks were some of the most stressful weeks… There were definitely a few moments where I wanted to give up on the process all together. Not only were we moving a little ways away, but also we were selling my mom’s home… the home that held such precious and tender memories for me. It was the home my husband asked me to be his wife in. Right there, down on one knee in front of our beautiful fireplace. It was the last home I will have memories of my mom in. A lot of good moments and of course the memory of her last day here… The day she met her Savior face to face. That day I held her hand as God called her home. What an honor it is to be her daughter.
Me with my precious mama about a year before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer
Our living room where Ryan proposed to me on November 20,2014
The night he proposed to me with this gorgeous ring
Selling the house was a decision to loose that precious link to my mom. But I knew that for the health of my marriage and future babies it was the best decision to make. We were up sizing from 1200sq ft to 4000 sq ft (holy moly I didn’t realize how much furniture we’d be buying). Literally my old living room fit entirely into our loft in the new house. My old living room is the size of a bedroom here! Plus it was a move we needed for our marriage. Having a house that was “ours” not just mine was really important. We tried from the very beginning to make sure the house felt like ours, but it was definitely an unsaid thought in the back of our minds somewhere that it was my and my mama’s house. So I knew I needed to be unselfish and we needed to move as husband and wife into our home.
This was my cute old kitchen
The new kitchen being built
The new kitchen the night we moved in (before we bought a kitchen table)

Designing our house was a small nightmare. It didn’t seem like the lady we were working with had her act together and in an already nerve-racking situation, this fact did not help us. Moving day was no better as I was slowly starting to panic leaving my home. I loved this little house so much and the emotional aspect made the home nearly invaluable to me. After all, it had only been a year since I lost my mom and about 6 months since Ryan proposed to me in front of our beautiful fireplace. I could still see those moments so clearly in my mind and I wasn’t ready to loose them. But needless to say it was too late to turn around so off we went… my parents in law, Ryan, the movers that didn’t like us, and 3 traumatized wiener dogs…Eesh! What a sight we were!
Needless to say moving made us all a little grumpy, haha!

As we pulled up to the new house I knew we made the right decision and couldn’t have been happier to start the rest of our lives in this house. We were all unpacked the day we moved in and we owe our parents a huge thank you for that! As the weeks went on we started to realize the reality of buying a brand new home. It hasn’t been “broken in” and is so new and not to mention, white! The lack of character and color started to get me down from pretty early on. I wasn’t working and felt like the list of projects piling up around me was getting overwhelming.
One weekend Ryan and I really tried to tackle a few of these projects and from there on out we were unstoppable. We knew that the hard work and time spent on our house was time well spent. It was all paying off!
We started with a painting the office and the niches in our living room. This little bit of color made a world of difference! We bought a couple pieces of furniture including a coffee table and dining room table set which helped the rooms not seem so bare. We had bought a new couch before we moved in for the downstairs living room and I finally felt like the rooms were coming together. The house was feeling more like a home. 

Painting the niches in the living room added just enough color for now… Until we get all the “common” areas painted by a professional    
We were able to host Christmas last year at our new house for Ryan’s family which I was super excited about as my mom used to always host Christmas. Because of this, we painted a few more rooms and I had a good excuse to buy a couple fun decorations. Our house looked to pretty all festive for Christmas. To be honest, we haven’t taken down our tree yet! We keep saying each weekend we are going to do it and “haven’t had a chance.”

I just loved out house all decorated for Christmas!
The projects that are currently on our “docket” include my office/craft room upstairs (which I will post on when that is done), painting and adding wainscoting to our dining room, and painting out downstairs guest bedroom. We will end up hiring someone to paint the main areas of our house as we have really tall ceilings and our entry way is 2+ stories tall. It’s just more cost effective to have them done correctly with the right equipment rather that trying to DIY it all. We are also in the process of designing a patio in the back yard, which I’m really excited about! We are hoping to start that project around September of this year. Anyways, anyone that owns a house knows it’s a never-ending list of projects so I’m sure our list will only keep growing. But for now we are having so much fun adding our stamp on this house!

“Behold, I am doing a new thing…” Isaiah 43

Soap & Glory Cleanser

I rarely use the same face wash twice. I have found a couple washes great for taking off makeup (I really like ClarinsPureMelt cleanser) but nothing I like to use both morning and night. I recently bought Soap&Glory’s Peaches and Clean cleanser and I actually really like it! I’m not familiar with this brand at all and am kind of embarrassed to say the only real reason I was drawn in is the note to peaches, but so far I’m impressed!
The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was the smell. Right when I pumped it out it smelled very clean and “awakening” if that is a description? I loved it! I tried it first in the morning before work (3am) and was impressed at how it seemed to wake my senses. Not so much of a peach smell but I really like it anyways.
 I also noticed how soft my skin felt afterward. I’m usually a little nervous to use products for “all skin types” because of my dryness but I’m impressed at how my skin feels after I wash. 

This is definitely a keeper in my book and I’m anxious to try a few of their other products!

My Winter Skincare Routine

I love to try new beauty products for my extremely sensitive and mostly dry skin. I had the opportunity to work in a cosmetics department for a few years and my passion for skincare grew from there.
While I’m always on the hunt for a good product to introduce to my skin, I have a few staples that are my go-to products. Each new season, I have to slightly alter my regimen for the changing weather, but for the most part I am completely in love with my routine. Below you’ll see my most used products right now and why I love them!
1.    Nar’s Skincare Aqua Luminous Mask… I love masks and am always looking for great, hydrating, gentle masks. I am new to Nar’s Skincare but am definitely impressed thus far. My skin is easily irritated and I’ve found this mask to be an amazing solution. I do not like to leave masks on overnight so ideally I use this mask at night when we are watching a movie and can leave it on for 1-2 hours. When I rinse off I can immediately feel a difference.  

2.    Nar’s Optimal Brightening Concentrate… Like I mentioned, I have dry skin and struggle with my skins overall balance. Sometimes my skin appears oily and really it’s just my skin trying to overproduce oil to compensate for dryness. I found this product to really help balance my skin out! It feels amazing under make up and makes my make up last and look great all day and night long. I am extremely impressed with this concentrate!

3.    Shiseido Ultimune… I originally heard of this product on Gal Meets Glam and thought I’d check it out next time I was in Nordstrom. I am so glad I did! This is another product I feel helps balance my skin. I apply only at night and feel as though I’m giving my skin vitamins. It has helped with overall tone. I’ve noticed my skin is a little brighterand smoother. In general I feel like it’s given me a little glow even during the winter months!

4.    Fresh’s Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream… The consistency of this eye gel is really nice. It feels so soothing on my skin. I am a huge fan of this brand in general and this is one of their newer products I’m loving right now. I have noticed the area around my eyes is a little brighter. I don’t suffer from dark circles but definitely have a little darker tone around my eyes. This product is just thick enough for me and the consistency is great under makeup!

5.    Fresh’s Sugar Lip Serum… When I first bought this product I used it only at night and really liked how hydrated my lips felt. I used it under my Sugar Lip chap stick. Now I use it under lipstick to.

6.    Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil… I am obsessed with this oil! It has literally been a life changer for me. My skin adores this oil. It is so soothing for my dryness and really makes a huge difference in how my make up stays on. It absorbs really nicely into my skin and makes a world of difference in the tone of my skin. So much less irritation and more pure hydration! If you need more of a skin detox for acne or oiliness I would use the Lotus Oil from Clarins instead. 

7.    Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector… I love this lip product alone or under my lipstick. It’s nice and hydrating and not sticky at all! I love this color so I use it alone mostly but its great for both!

8.    EOSLipbalm… Who doesn’t love these?! I even layer it under lipstick for my lighter colors.

9.    Clarisonic… Okay, so this is a tool, not necessarily a product. However, this is a major staple for me in my skincare routine. I use this about every other night if not more. I use the gentle brush heads and am constantly amazed at how much softer and brighter my skin feels. So many people have an opinion about exfoliation (which this can be a form of exfoliating), especially if they have dry skin and to that I say you have to do what works for you. For me, this is a key step in clearing off my makeup from deep down in my skin, as well as overall gentle striping away that layer of crud on my skin. I am sure to follow up with a hydrating oil (see above) and I feel like my skin benefits more from the oil after I use my Clarisonic.

10.   RitualsMiracle Hand Scrub… Since I was really little I’ve dealt with my knuckles cracking ever winter. I originally got this scrub in a Glossybox and have been hooked ever since. It’s a very gentlescrub, which, lets face it, is exactly what you need when you have cracked or irritated hands. I use it about twice a week before bed and really love how smooth my hands feel afterward!

My Kitchen

My weekend officially started Saturday afternoon (woohooo!) and naturally I couldn’t be happier to have this last day before work tomorrow! We had a ton of work to do around our house this weekend but decided to take yesterday “off” and spend most of the day walking around antique stores and ended up seeing American Shooter (amazing and intense movie!). Since we bought our home last June (I will post on that huge project this week) we have been spending every free second on projects. We were able to design our home as it was a new build and this came with many pros and some cons that we weren’t necessarily expecting… but I will touch on that this week.
Overall we couldn’t be happier and love this big ol’ house we call home. I absolutely love to cook and consider it such an act of love to cook for my husband and our families! So of course the kitchen is my favorite room of our house and it’s been such a joy of mine to really settle into this space and make it ours. The day we moved, the kitchen was all unpacked (with help from my step-mom and mother-in-law) and in proper working order… it is my perfect space! 
The kitchen on the night we moved in… so much has changed and been added making me fall more in love with it everyday.

Love this cute cutting board my brother-in-law and sister-in-law got us for Christmas! Matches our wiener dog towel!

Our new little coffee (&& tea) corner of the kitchen.. I love this little space!

One of my favorite parts of our kitchen is the connection I feel with my mom when I’m in it. She was such a homemaker and absolutely loved to cook. I’d always be so amazed because I could open the pantry and see nothing to eat and 10 minutes later she’d have a delicious meal made. I know it gave her such joy and I’m so grateful for the memories I have with her that revolve around the kitchen. In fact, one of my last memories with my mom was her showing me how to cut a pineapple… random, I know, but so so special! Isn’t it awesome when something so simple is such a huge reminder of something so sweet?!

At Home Date Night

I have been looking forward to Friday all week. My hubby is home for the next two days and we have a couple big projects around the house to do (including taking down our Christmas décor… eesh!). 

We were planning to go out with friends for dinner and a show tonight but Ryan had to work late and we were forced to cancel at the last minute. This being said I had a couple extra hours to prepare dinner and I thought I’d go for something a little out of the norm for us. Chicken or ground turkey are out typical meats of choice and we are always saying we need to try to make something different… which brings us to tonight! I made pork chops with a peach, rosemary, and sage honey glaze. I originally found a similar recipe on Michaela Noelle. I made a couple tweaks to the recipe and it is definitely going to be a repeat in our house. One big thing we enjoyed was the addition of our Sage Honey from Happy Girls Kitchen Co. in Northern California. We order this honey online and always have it stocked. Its an amazing addition to hot water with lemon or hot tea or of course a dish like this!

Olive oil to coat pan
pork chops (I used 10oz chops each)
¼ C white wine
2 TBS honey
2-3 peaches diced
2 sprigs rosemary
2 TBS unsalted butter
salt and pepper to taste

1.    In a sauté pan large enough to hold both pork chops with plenty of room, add olive oil and warm. Season pork chops with salt and pepper. Add to pan and cook covered on medium for 5 minutes

2.    Flip chops, re cover and cook about 10 minutes longer (internal temp should be about 145 you just don’t want them too tough so use your judgment)
3.    Remove from pan and cover with foil. Set aside
4.    Pour white wine in pan and scrape bottom of pan
5.    Stir in honey

6.    Boil mixture about 2 minutes
7.    Add peaches and rosemary to pan and simmer until peaches soft

8.    Turn off heat and add butter (I added slightly less than 2 TBS because it looked the way I wanted it to but again, its your preference)
9.    Serve with veggies (and potatoes for my husband) and enjoy!

A New Kind of Salad

Lunchtime is always tough for me because of my work schedule. Thankfully, or hopefully, this will all be changing as I’m leaving my job in a couple weeks, but for now it sticks. Since I start work at 4am, breakfast usually consists of a protein shake or a scoop of homemade granola and my ever-present coffee. I don’t eat at work as I try to work straight through my shift and leave. When I get home I feel lost between craving a proper breakfast and making plans for dinner. Lunch is lost. This being said, I am trying really hard to change this habit!
I have always love salads but I tend to get bored of them after a while. When I think of salad I think lettuce with some goodies on top and dressing… which is soo wrong! I now choose to think of salads as anything that I’m tossing together in a bowl to munch on.. Sort of.

1 cup cooked quinoa
½ sliced cucumber
1 bell pepper (I prefer orange or yellow)
2 tbs cooked corn
2 tbs black beans
Ponzu sauce to taste

When I cook my quinoa I use chicken broth or veggie broth as a substitute for water. In my opinion it gives a little more flavor and I prefer the texture better. It is such an easy food to cook and I typically make a big batch once or twice a week depending on that week’s menu. It keeps really well in the refrigerator, although in my house we eat it within a couple days. It’s definitely a family favorite and this little wifey isn’t complaining because it’s healthy to!
If you’ve never had Ponzu sauce I highly recommend you try it! It has great flavor and adds great flavor to any dish! If you don’t have it at home, I also like a splash of teriyaki or soy sauce plus the juice of half a lemon or add some garlic to rice vinegar and use that combo. Just be cautious with soy sauces because they aren’t quite as light and forgiving as the Ponzu.

I will add a couple other family favorites using quinoa this week. I have a ton to use up as my goal is to make dinner everyday throughout the weekend. No going out for us this week!